Gluten- free Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter rules. Well to be fair, nut butter rules. My fave is cashew butter – if you are a cashew fan, imagine it smooth and creamy, and spread out on a piece of toast .. on top of spread out butter on toast.

oh myyyyyyyyyy, that’s some good stuff.

So take that one step further and think about those lovely little cross-hatched nuggets of nutty-sugary goodness, warm from the oven and delicious.

Right?  See what I mean?  Can’t resist them!

I wanted.

So I made.

Well I tried, anyway, but didn’t have enough flour so – SHAZAM! – gluten-free!

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More bacon, please


Delushus. That is all.

We all know what tomorrow brings … barbecue,  block party, slightly-charred meats,  salad and gelatin molds.

Maybe not the last anymore,  thank you baby Jesus.

And fireworks. LOVE that.

So,  she told me, “in Mother Russia, you bring potato salad to block party.”

Well maybe it wasn’t in those words then, but thats what my ears tell me I heard.

And so, potato salad it is!

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Beef Stroganoff – my-style!

We may already have established that I like beef Stroganoff.  It’s actually the first recipe I’ve ever asked for from my mom  It’s good stuff!  Beefy goodness, creamy sauce, ricey-rice.


So it was after work, and I had beef defrosted, sour cream in the fridge I needed to use, and rice and onion … so I figured I’d go all out and feed the fam well. Continue reading

Kiwi Applesauce

My kids love applesauce.  I mean LUUUURRRRVVEEEE it.  mmmm mmmm yummy yummy.

They like it best slightly frozen, kind of like it’s an icee.  Delicious crispy crunchy yumminess.

I like saving fruit they don’t eat and fruit that is almost going bad and so on … again with the “let’s not waste” philosophy. So, when I went through a whole container of kiwis and couldn’t slice any for lunches because they were all getting mooshy, I froze them … and started collecting apples.

When I had enough, I made applesauce. Continue reading

Potato Soup Extraordinaire

Have we talked about soup at all?  Could have done … might have done … es possible …

I kind of like soup. It’s quick to make, it makes bellies happy, and you can do so many different interesting things with it!

And the kids like it.  ;) Really, most important reason there next to “quick.”

So I was feeling kind of squirrely and decided to go all potato and sausage. I mean hey, both are good … let’s put them together.

Delicious. Continue reading

Snausage Soop Goodness

So really, what’s not to love about sausage?  Ok, if you’re a hater, don’t answer that.  Let’s just assume we are all lovers of sausagy goodness.

O, ye delicious ground mix of spicety spices and delicate meat …

encased in a crisp … uh … casing.

To do with you what we will.  Most delicious.

Well today, it’s soup, because soup’s where it’s at, yo. And soup’s my thing.  I love it.  It’s so easy to make soup and the kids always love it and I totally look like souper-mom.  So to speak. Continue reading

Eostre kuchen

I wanted cake.

That is all. Coincidentally,  it is the weekend of ham and chocolate bunnies and candy goodness.  And zombies.

(I’m not judging … I’m pretty sure it’s a virus … but I digress.)

It was a good Good Friday.  We got out of work “59 minute rule” early and I had a nice metro ride home. It was all metaphysical … deep … full of heavy meaning.

(In the interest of full disclosure,  I am indeed a registered and fully-baptized Catholic. And entirely a non-believer.)

So anyway,  work was slow and lots of people were doing the religious family-visit thing.

It was quiet … and I wanted cake … to be fully honest I wanted to bribe my family with cakey happiness. Continue reading


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